In aloneness you can be completely secure


Do human beings not radically transform themselves because they are really frightened not to belong to a group, to something definite? Are they afraid to stand completely alone?

To be alone implies not to carry the burden of tradition with you. Tradition being knowledge. To be alone implies total freedom.

Alone is all one, when there is no fragmentation. That is total order.

Can we step out of the stream of this utter confusion, disorder, sorrow, hope, travail, and despair?

Our whole society, all religion, all culture is based on thought. Does thought realize it has made this mess, this chaos? Is thought aware of itself as a movement, which brings about a fragmentary action?

When the movement of thought comes to an end, there is total action.

When you are faced with fact, there is no fear.



J. Krishnamurti
Small Group Discussion 4 Brockwood Park, England
May 19, 1976


Radha Chihiro